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How do i ask for a taxi in Paris ?

Are you on vacation in the French capital? This magnificent city is brimming with iconic places to visit, monuments to discover, and streets to wander. However, to travel from one end of the capital to the other, there’s nothing better than a taxi! From a taxi, you can enjoy the view of the Parisian streets without being stuck in public transport. But as an English speaker, it’s not always easy to make yourself understood by the locals. You might be wondering: how do I ask for a taxi in Paris? We explain everything in this article!

What are the taxi options available in France ?

If you wish to book a taxi for a journey within the French capital, you have several choices. Firstly, it should be noted that free taxis can be found in busy areas. These are especially around major monuments, but most importantly, at Parisian train stations. Indeed, taxis are regularly stationed at the exits of train stations to offer their services to tourists. Therefore, you can simply go there to get into a vehicle.

Another available option is Uber. The Uber app is available in Paris, and you’ll easily find a driver to transport you through the app.

However, if you want to travel faster and enjoy premium service, you can opt for booking a prestige taxi. But then: how do I ask for a taxi in Paris?

How do I ask for a Taxi in Paris with PrestigeShuttle ?

With PrestigeShuttle, you can book a luxury taxi offering the best services in the Paris region. We operate throughout the capital with comfortable luxury vehicles, ensuring a pleasant and friendly journey through the Parisian streets. Additionally, we can take you to all the monuments of your choice, as well as to more distant destinations such as Disneyland Paris or the various Parisian airports.

So, if you were wondering how to ask for a taxi in Paris, you can simply visit our website and plan a booking. If you’re in a hurry, it is entirely possible to call us right now at +33 7 84 20 33 92.